When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion designer…for flower fairies. I saw all these pictures of them in their flimsy summer dresses, and I worried about them.  What did they wear in winter? Wouldn’t the poor little things freeze to death?  To remedy the situation, I designed a line of winter-wear made out of various fruit skins and peels (much thicker and tougher than flower petals).  The centerpiece of the collection was a long coat made of peach skin (peach skin is fuzzy. Fuzzy = warm. Obviously).


Around the same time, I also wanted to be a witch.  My friends and I made ourselves Witch Licenses so that we could legally practise magic (I have no idea where we got this idea from). We went to Witch School, where we took turns teaching lessons and assigning homework (which we actually did! Well…sometimes.  Turns out homework is homework, even if it’s about magic). When Harry Potter came out, we all felt validated, as though we had predicted the whole thing.


In the years that followed, I wanted to be: a pirate, a ninja, a magical girl (Sailor Mercury rocks!), a princess (or warrior princess), a starship captain (or roguish smuggler), a mermaid…

Most of my dreams for my future were completely unrealistic. Not all – geologist and pastry chef were both reasonably plausible.  Interestingly, I no longer have any interest in either. The truth is – though I may be a “grown-up” now – my dreams still tend toward the fantastical.  I miss playing make-believe.  So I figured…why stop?

Every month, I will choose a different childhood fantasy to live out – as much as I am able to within the confines of practicality, reality, and the laws of physics. I will eat, dress, exercise, read, write, and blog according to the current month’s dream.

I hope you will join me in daydreaming!

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