Hello world!



I was planning to title my first post “Hello World”, and then WordPress did it for me. WordPress is psychic! Or I’m just predictable. Whatever. So this is it! My first post. This blog will be a chronicle of my attempts to live out my childhood fantasies, one dream per month. For a more detailed explanation, please read my about page. For this first month, I shall immerse myself in what was probably my greatest wish as a child: I shall be a witch!



I will eat a lot of soup (soups are like potions!), wear a lot of black, read witchy books, watch witchy movies, and do witchy things. Truth be told, I’ve sort considered myself a witch since I was a child, and will likely continue to  do so long after this month is over, but this is a chance to get a little bit further into it and be more of the pointy-hat-wearing, broomstick-riding witch of my childhood dreams (though it seems I got rid of my pointy hat at some point 😦 Still have the broomstick though!).

Happy Dreaming!